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Dear gentle readers,

You may notice that the posting here has been a little sporadic of late. Please understand that it is only because I am losing my mind. While I may be a little behind in my blogging (and showering, and a few other things), know that I have a MUCH bigger fish I’m stalking right now, fry pan in hand.

“Moby Book” (no, that’s not the name) is going to get his soon. I won’t let the cat out of the bag just yet, but those of you who look to Travels with Baby, the site and this blog for helpful travel tips are going to LOVE what’s coming next. I know I do—even if it’s mile 23 of the marathon here at my desk. So if you have a chance, post me a comment, drop me a line, throw water on me as I breeze past you during these next weeks.

I admit that finishing Travels with Baby was tough enough—back when I had only two children, one website, and zero blogs. But back then I also had no idea how many people would actually buy or use the book. It was an incredibly lonely undertaking with no guaranteed payoff. I had to trust that if I made a book I knew was genuinely helpful for me there were bound to be other people who would find it helpful, too.

Wow. What an amazing journey it’s been since then! Here are some of the highlights:

So before I get back to that manuscript (no, really, I’m not procrastinating here), I’d just like to say how much I appreciate the interviews some of you have participated in, the emails many of you have sent, the blog comments, the various facebook posts, and all the support you’ve shown for Travels with Baby since its publication.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping to make the story of this success. More soon.

Safe journey,

Shelly Rivoli


6 Responses to Help cheer me to the finish line of my next book!

  1. Emily E. says:

    good luck!

  2. Ian and Wendy Sewell says:

    Good luck! I know we're looking forward to reading the new book! We've benefited so much from all your great advice. You're introduced us to many great products that have made life much easier! Keep up the great work! (Picture that spray of water here – although, with all this rain, maybe you'd rather have some tea?)

    Wendy and Ian Sewell

  3. mtnbikerome says:

    Sounds like you are almost there. Eat a power bar and keep cranking it out. Any time you want to drop off the kids the Kangs are next door. Just kidding, we would be happy to help.

  4. Shelly Rivoli says:

    Thanks, guys! ;-) I did go with the tea… and a little chocolate ice cream. Back at it dark and early tomorrow!

  5. csolari says:

    Keep at it Shelly!!

  6. autobus says:

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