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Take-Along Travels with Baby: Hundreds of Tips to Help During Travel with your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler by Shelly Rivoli
Stay two steps ahead of your young traveler with this pocket-size companion guide.

What if your big sister got to see her name in all of the national parenting magazines and some big-name newspapers, made several television appearances, and was a welcome guest in thousands of homes between multiple continents? You might be a little jealous. 

I’m a little sister myself, so when I think about the quieter launch last year for Take-Along Travels with Baby, the on-the-go companion to Travels with Baby: The Ultimate Guide…, it occurs to me that as the mother-author, I should be sure to make it clear to all of you who know and love Take-Along‘s big sister why you will want to be sure and slip little sister into the side pocket of your carry-on, your diaper bag, or even into your glove box on your upcoming road trip. And remember, one copy is included with the RideSafer travel vest I’ll be awarding one lucky winner tomorrow (click here for your chance to win)!

(Excerpt from Take-Along Travels with Baby: Hundreds of Tips to Help During Travel with Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler by Shelly Rivoli)


How to Get the Most from This Book


While Travels with Baby (The Ultimate Guide and bigger sibling to this book) helps with all aspects of planning trips before you leave home, this slim counterpart is designed to help you on the road, in the air, at the hotel, and virtually everywhere your family finds itself once you get out the door.

I can honestly tell you this is a resource I wish I’d had for myself on many occasions. So I’m as happy to know that this neatly bound copy will be in my bag the next time I travel as I am to know it will be in yours, too.

Here’s how I recommend using this guide to get the most from it as you travel: 

Before you go – Keep it handy, especially near your computer, as you lay your travel plans. Your customized Trip Notes begin on pg. 121, and you can simply fill in the blanks as you make decisions and reservations. That way, whenever you need to access that confirmation number or hotel address, for example, it will be much easier to flip to your trip details and see them at a glance rather than dig back through emails or boot up an electronic device (that may or may not have lost its charge).

Also, be sure to update any emergency contact information (pg. 139) and your children’s current weight and height details (pg. 144) before each trip.

As you travel – Consult whichever sections you need as you travel, whether it’s how to keep your tot entertained at the airport (pg. 60), determining whether or not you need a locking clip as you install a car seat in a vintage taxi (pg. 44), or consulting the Traveler’s Guide to Ear Infections when you can’t get to a doctor right away (pg. 105).

Also, whenever you find yourself with some lag time, on the train or perhaps by the pool, jot down a couple of details about your journey so far, including those favorite family moments, trip quotes, and invaluable “Notes for Next Time.”

As you add your family’s personal notes from each trip you take together, plus your child’s travel art as she morphs into a budding Picasso (pg. 66)—then add a few ceremonious spills and a couple of dog-eared corners—this pocket guide will earn its rightful place as a keepsake for your family.

After your return – You may want to keep this book in your diaper bag for reference by you or your child’s caregiver during daily outings. With small children, a trip across town can sometimes be as eventful as a trip overseas. Good thing you’ll be prepared.

Safe journeys,

Shelly Rivoli

Author of the award-winning Travels with Baby and Take-Along Travels with Baby guidebooks

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