Need to Know: Flying Virgin Atlantic with a Baby or Toddler

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Flying Virgin Atlantic with a baby or toddler? Be sure to read this first.

Will you be flying Virgin Atlantic with a baby or toddler? Or more important, will you have the choice between Virgin Atlantic and another airline for your flight with an infant or young child? The “Need to Know” airlines series for family travelers continues with some important points to be aware of when booking a flight with Virgin Atlantic.

Virgin Atlantic’s infant and child discounts:

Unlike many U.S. carriers that may serve the same or similar routes for your flights, Virgin Atlantic offers a 25% discount for infants riding in their own seats and also for children from 2 to 11 years. This can make a big difference in your family’s bottom line when comparing overall ticketing fees between airlines, especially if you will be flying during a peak travel season when fare sales are few and far between. To ensure the child discount is applied, make your reservation directly on or use one of these sites that factors in the child’s age and available discount by airline (warning: not all do!) and may also have special offers or promo codes for extra discounts: 

Tip: Click “More Advanced Options” in the search box to enter the ages of your children and your preferred airline (eg. Virgin Atlantic).

Flying Virgin Atlantic with a lap child or infant:

Virgin Atlantic charges the customary 10% of the adult fare for infants and children under 2 years riding on an adult’s lap. Each lap child is allowed one complimentary checked bag weighing up to 50 lbs. (23 kg.) and one carry-on bag. Infant bassinets (AKA skycots) are available, but bassinet sizes vary by cabin class, from those rated for babies up to 20 lbs. or 29″ L in Economy, to those accommodating babies up to 25 lbs. and 30″ L in the upper classes. You must call Virgin Atlantic in advance to reserve your bassinet/skycot: 1-800-862-8621 or 0344 874 7747. And one more reason to call after you’ve booked your flight with your lap child? It’s the only way to ensure children flying without paid seats will have meals provided.

Using car seats (child safety seats) on Virgin Atlantic:

Car seats are only allowed in Virgin Atlantic’s Economy class. Car seats labeled with current U.S., Canadian, EU, New Zealand, or Australian standards marks will be accepted as long as they fit in the airplane seat and can be installed using safety belts (remember, no ISOFIX/LATCH on airplanes). As always, be prepared to point to your car seat’s certification label when boarding, if necessary.

Other perks for families flying Virgin Atlantic with a baby or young child:

Now here’s one you don’t see from every airline: Complimentary child safety seats can be reserved for newborns and children weighing up to 44 lbs. who are flying in their own paid seats. Virgin Atlantic also offers in-seat TVs with children’s programming and children’s meals (by advance request).

Have you flown Virgin Atlantic with a baby or young child? Do you have any tips for other parents who will be? Please share your wisdom with a comment below!

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