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The ExOfficio Insect Shield Convertible Pants are pretty much everything a mom could hope for in a pair of traveling pants. Let’s start with the built-in insect repellent that guards against mosquitoes and ticks and lasts through 70 washings. Next, you can leave San Francisco fully clad in fog, and arrive at Barbados in Bermudas. On a sweltering day of sightseeing in Bangkok, keep the legs in the outside pocket of your daypack or child carrier and simply zip on to show your respect before entering the Wat. And if that’s not enough, just rinse out any baby spit up and toddler hand prints in your hotel sink, give a quick shake, and hang to dry. In the morning they’ll be wrinkle-free and ready for the next adventure. Other features I love: a zippered inside security pocket and an adjustable waist drawcord to keep these beauties fitting through those postpartum “adjustments.” Read more about them here. (See petite sizes here.)
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