Photo Fave: Polar bear plunge at the Oregon Zoo, Portland

Child viewing a polar bear through glass at the Oregon Zoo in Portland

In like a pack of donkeys, out like a polar bear. Here ends our “March of the Animals.”

Well, so much for the lion and the lamb. This month’s features came in like donkeys and go out like a polar bear as “March of the Animals” officially ends here with snap shots from the Oregon Zoo.

Some of my favorite animals at the Oregon Zoo in Portland are the polar bears, and I love how the exhibit allows you to see the massive beauties up so close – and both above and below water from different viewing areas. As you can see, my daughter was enjoying this, too.

WHOAH! Tidal wave.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the animal-themed posts this past month. We’ll be adding them to our Destinations page, where you’ll find tips, advice, and recommendations for family-friendly outings, attractions, hotels and more.

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  1. Vacation Rental Home

    Such great photos, those polar bears are so so cute! I am only wondering how do they feel in the sunny weather?

  2. Lisa

    What a great set of action shots of this polar bear! I love the animal theme and can relate as we have a daughter who loves animals as well! Nearly every city we visit we have to make a visit to the zoo and the aquarium.

  3. Melsa

    I take my hat off to you travelling with little kids, mine are teenagers and it’s hard enough!

  4. Terumi

    Oh that is so cool:) I’ve always wanted to see that polar bear swim and we’ve never seen it:) Now I know it really does happen though. Lovely pics!

  5. Steve

    I’ve been known to be a little bit obsessed with polar bears, so I really enjoyed these pictures. I didn’t realize that the Oregon Zoo had some. I may have to pack the kids in the car and take a road trip sometime soon.

  6. Lisa

    Great shots! The polar bears are one of my favourite stops at the Toronto zoo. The last time we were there one of them was doing laps. He swam to one end of the pool on his stomach and then flipped over and did the backstroke to the other. Over and over again – seemingly oblivious to the audience watching his performance. It was brilliant!

    1. Shelly Rivoli (Post author)

      That sounds so fun! Hope to make it to the Toronto Zoo to see them, too. 😉

  7. Becca@R We There Yet Mom?

    What an adorable set of shots – I love the theme you did this month, I will have to go back and check it out!


    1. Shelly Rivoli (Post author)

      Thanks! I’d almost forgotten I was sitting on these – fun to see them again. 😉

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