Photo Fave: The upside of jetlag in Kauai?

kids play on beach in Kauai

The upside of jetlag in Kauai? Coffee on the beach. At sunrise. And happy kids.

One of my favorite activities during our visit to Kauai last year was one of the simplest and easiest things I did there: Drink coffee on the beach at sunrise while the kids played on the beach.

Easy, indeed, with this small beach just a brief stroll across the lawn behind our condo at Castle Kaha Lani, and such fantastic driftwood to keep the kids entertained building sculptures and forts, and writing names in the sand.

And easier, still, with mainland jetlag on our sides. 😉

I hear a lot of concerns about jetlag from parents preparing to travel with a baby or young child (click here if that’s you), but let’s not forget that it can sometimes work to our advantage–as I hope it will in getting us up to the top of Haleakala before the sunrise on our upcoming trip to Maui! (Crossing fingers.)

If you’re planning–or even contemplating a trip to Kauai with your kids, check out my Kauai with Little Kids board on Pinterest, and see all Travels with Baby Hawaii family travel tips and recommendations in Destinations. This post is part of the Photo Friday fun at More posts, tips and pins to come!

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