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Winner of the 2013 Silver and 2012 Bronze

Awards for Travel Blogs from the

North American Travel Journalists Association

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 Author Shelly Rivoli with toddler son in Costa Rica

Shelly Rivoli

Award-winning author, family travel blogger, and mom of three young children


Shelly Rivoli has changed diapers on four continents and several islands, all the while researching and writing two award-winning family travel guidebooks focused on parents traveling with children under 5. Together, her young family has made its way by airplane, elephant, subway, train, cruise ship, taxi, and long tail boat. 


After traveling to Thailand, Tunisia, Manhattan, Yosemite, Paris, Chichen Itza, Hawaii, Pompeii, Barcelona, Jamaica, London, Costa Rica and elsewhere with her own children under five, Shelly has grown quite familiar with the technical details of traveling--and sightseeing--with babies, toddlers, and young children.


As the award-winning author of the Travels with Baby guidebooks and Travels with Baby Tips blog, Shelly is a trusted and recognized expert when it comes to travel with young children. Her family travel tips and advice continue to appear in national parenting magazines, including American Baby, BabyTalk, Nick Jr. Magazine, Parent & Child, Parenting, Parents, and Pregnancy, and in newspapers including the LA Times and Boston Globe.


In 2012, Shelly served as spokesperson for Huggies Kimberly-Clark in the Huggies Hawaiian Diaper "Every Little Bottom" campaign, which resulted in contributions of over 20 million diapers to families in need through the National Diaper Bank Network and FoodBanks Canada. Additionally, she has made radio and TV appearances, including the Happy Housewives Club, Childhood Matters, and has appeared with helpful tips for family travelers several times on ABC San Francisco's The View from the Bay (see more in media section).


Shelly Rivoli's Travels with Baby Tips blog has received multiple awards from TripBase,, and, and work from her Travels with Baby Traditions series has also been distinguished as a BlogHer Spotlight by BlogHer editors and featured in BlogHer Cultures.


Still passionate about traveling with her family, Shelly travels as often and as far as she can with her husband and three young children. The rest of the time, she hangs her hats (as mother and writer) in the San Francisco Bay Area. She continues to blog at Travels with Baby Tips and oversees the site - which was voted a finalist in the 2012 and 2013 Red Tricycle "Totally Awesome" awards for Travel Sites.



Awards and Honors

2012 Bronze in Travel Blogs

North American Travel Journalists Association


2013 & 2012 Red Tricycle

Totally Awesome Awards Finalist

Best Family Travel Sites


2011 and 2012 Winner in's

25 Best Travel Blogs for Families

 #2 in Insider Tips & Tricks


Top 10 Winner in

Tripbase 2009 & 2011

Best Family Travel Blogs

Gold Award recipient in the

National Parenting Publications Awards


Finalist for THREE ForeWord Magazine

Book of the Year Awards


Rising Star Award from

National Parenting Publications Awards



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