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Book Cover - PRINT

Cover art for print at 300 dpi, actual size 6 x 9"

Book Cover - 75 dpi for WEB

Travels with Baby book cover at 75 dpi 3 x 4.5"

Bangkok with Baby

Outside the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Bangkok, Thailand, with daughter Angelina at 7 months old. 300 dpi, 8.5" x 6.4"

Paris view 2

Baby Angelina on her first trip to Europe, 14 months old and having a great time. 300 dpi, 6.4 x 8.5"

Thailand elephant farm 1

The Rivoli family in Thailand, setting off for a short jungle tour by elephant. 300 dpi, 6.4 x 8.5"

Paris view 1

Author Shelly Rivoli visiting Paris, France with daughter Angelina at 14 months old. 300 dpi, 8.5 x 6.4"

Thailand elephant farm 2

The Rivolis visiting a working elephant farm in Thailand, with daughter Angelina at 7 months old. 300 dpi, 8.5 x 6.4"

Flight to France

Tim Rivoli and daughter Angelina, 14 months old, read up on French phrases as they cross the Atlantic Ocean. 300 dpi 8.5 x 6.4"

Thailand, the ride to Koh Phi Phi

"A parent should always listen to her instincts.Some people would have thought we were crazy to pack an infant life jacket for a trip overseas, but that day we knew it was worth every inch in our suitcase." - Shelly Rivoli, shown with Angelina at 7 months old, on a long tail boat to Phi Phi Island, in the Andaman Sea.

Antibes, France

A naptime stroll through the narrow streets of Antibes, on the French Riviera. 300 dpi, 6.4 x 8.5"

Palma Mallorca

Author Shelly Rivoli visiting Palma Mallorca, with daughter Angelina 14 months old. 300 dpi, 6.4 x 8.5"

Palma Mallorca 2

The treasures of Europe are not lost on small children. Angelina, 14 months old, delights in an ancient fountain on the island of Palma Mallorca. 300 dpi, 6.4 x 8.5"

Palermo, Sicily

Author Shelly Rivoli in Palermo, Sicily, with Angelina, 14 months old. 300 dpi, 8.5 x 6.4"

Barcelona, Spain

Author Shelly Rivoli with Angelina, 14 months, at Gaudi's Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain. 300 dpi, 8.5 x 6.4"

Central Park

"There's no better way to get a feel for a place than to take your kids to the local park," says author Shelly Rivoli. 300 dpi, 8.5 x 6.4"

Empire State Building, New York

"Expect the unexpected when you travel with a baby," says Rivoli, shown with Angelina, 8 months old, bundled in pajamas and newly purchased hats for a surprise cold snap on their visit to NYC. 300 dpi, 6.4 x 8.5"

Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad

Tim Rivoli with Angelina, 4 months old, about to board the steam train for an afternoon trip through the redwoods. Travels with Baby addresses rail travel with babies and small children in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, including 12 scenic day trips by train. 300 dpi, 6.4 x 8.5"

Kickin' it at Santa Cruz

Shelly Rivoli with daughters Angelina and Rosalyn on a weekend getway to Santa Cruz, California. 300 dpi, 7.5 x 5.6"

Hiking at Yosemite's Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

Geared up for the hike with daughter Rosalyn, 8 months old. "It's important to bring the right toys when you travel. Generally noisy toys are out. This one, however, kept the baby entertained while it also helped keep the bears away."

Chichen Itza, Yucatan

Shelly Rivoli with daughter Rosalyn, 20 months, standing before the grand pyramid at Chichen Itza in Mexico. 300 dpi, 9.38 x 7.04"

Playtime on the Riviera Maya

Shelly Rivoli with daughter Rosalyn, 20 months, hitting the beach on Mexico's Riviera Maya. 300 dpi, 9.3 x 7"

At the ruins of Ek Balam, Yucatan

"It's important for everyone to get something they enjoy out of the vacation. We were nuts for the Mayan ruins, for example. Our girls, on the other hand, went crazy over the dogs, iguanas, and leaf-cutter ants we found along the way." 300 dpi, 6.48 x 8.64"

Sombeody Else's Home for the Holidays

Baby Angelina's first Christmas, celebrated at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 330 dpi 6.4 x 8.5"

Paris with Baby

Baby Angelina on her first trip to Europe, 14 months old and having a great time. 300 dpi, 6.4 x 8.5"

The Rivolis Take the "A" Train

Shelly and Tim Rivoli stand outside Sacramento's historic train station, with daughters Angelina and Rosalyn. 300 dpi, 5 x 4".

Boarding the Capitol Corridor

Mama Shelly and Rosalyn, 9 months old, board the Capitol Corridor at Sacramento to happily bypass holiday traffic back to the Bay Area. 300 dpi, 6.48 x 8.64".

Coasting along on the Coast Starlight.

Shelly Rivoli and daughter Angelina, 9 months, camp out in their Superliner Roomette on an overnight adventure from Portland to the Bay Area aboard the Coast Starlight. 300 dpi, 6.4 x 8.53".

Plenty of leg room for everyone.

Daddy Tim with Angelina, 8 months old, riding the Keystone from New York to Pennsylvania. 300 dpi, 8.53 x 6.4" Copyright 2004 - 2014 by . All rights reserved.

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