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About TravelswithBaby.com


Travels with Baby author Shelly Rivoli riding elephant in Thailand with baby

In 2004, Shelly Rivoli launched TravelswithBaby.com as a small site with answers to many of the real questions parents ask when planning travel with babies and toddlers--something she understood well while planning international travel for her own young family and beginning research for her first travel guidebook: Travels with Baby: The Ultimate Guide for Planning Trips with Babies, Toddlers, and Preschool-Age Children.


Two more babies, two award-winning family travel guidebooks, and one award-winning family travel blog later, Shelly has become a trusted voice among parents planning travel with young children. She enjoys an international following of ex-pat families, military moms, multi-national families, travel enthusiasts with tots, grandparents, and parents who would actually prefer not to travel with their babies but find themselves doing so for any number of reasons.


Her family travel tips, advice, quotes, and excerpts have appeared in numerous national magazines, newspapers, and websites, and she's made multiple radio and TV appearances on the topic of travel with young children (see more in media).


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For all correspondence and inquiries concerning TravelswithBaby.com and/or Shelly Rivoli, including requests for interviews or to book speaking engagements, please send an email.

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All content 2014 Shelly Rivoli and TravelswithBaby.com, a division of Speckled Frog LLC.

Commercial use of this website content, including photos, written materials, or parent-submitted content, is strictly forbidden without permission. If you would like to use content from this Web site or from the Travels with Baby guidebooks for your Web site or organization, please send your request in writing by email.

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TravelswithBaby.com and Travels with Baby Books are divisions of Speckled Frog LLC, which also holds the Travels with Baby trademark and service mark.

Although we have made every effort to provide accurate and up-to-date information, we accept no responsibility for loss, injury, or inconvenience sustained by any person using this website. Always confirm critical information at time of travel, follow manufacturer's instructions when using products and gear for children, and seek professional medical advice when there is any uncertainty or indication of an emergency.

Editorial Content Disclosure

We occasionally accept free or discounted travel, and relevant products or gear, when it coincides with our editorial goals for this website, its blog, or the Travels with Baby guidebooks. Please note: We never accept samples or discounts with the promise of positive review, however, and our opinions - which Travels with Baby readers have come to trust - remain our own. Where possible, related affiliate links are used on pages of the website and in blog posts as a means of partially funding the operational costs of this website and blog, and to help direct our visitors to the sources where they may find more information or the products or services recommended here (note: when affiliate links are not available, we link to our recommended resources regardless!). We encourage our visitors to keep these realities of funding "free content" in mind when visiting all websites and blogs, and hope to continue providing helpful information and insightful recommendations at no cost to readers and with no subscription required.    

During summer 2012, as spokesperson for the Huggies Every Little Bottom campaign benefitting the National Diaper Bank Network and Food Banks Canada, Shelly Rivoli worked in partnership with Huggies Kimberly-Clark to help promote the limited-edition Huggies Hawaiian Diapers and Wipes which benefit these important organizations and to help raise awareness of diaper need. Some of the related posts contained in this website were sponsored in part by Huggies Kimberly-Clark.

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