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Toddler with red-eyed tree frog in Costa RicaDestinations        


Tips, advice and insights for families planning travel with babies, toddlers, and young children.


Start here for advice on visiting destinations around the world with your baby, toddler, or young children. For general baby travel gear advice (what to buy or bring, logistics) see FAQ and Popular Topics and also Great Products & Gear. For more travel planning help see Guidebooks and Travel Planning.


USA    Hawaiian Islands    Canada       Europe        South America

Bahamas / Caribbean / Mexico / Central America        Africa


        Australia & New Zealand        Asia / Southeast Asia / India

Featured destinations in the USA  (ABC order by state)



Alabama Family Travel


Huntsville - To the Moon: Visiting Huntsville's U.S. Space & Rocket Center (Family Travel 411)

Huntsville - The 411 on Huntsville with Kids (Family Travel 411)

NE Alabama (Scottsboro/Fort Payne/Lookout Mountain) The 411 on Northeast Alabama with Kids (Family Travel 411)



Alaska Family Travel


Juneau - The 411 on Juneau with Kids (Family Travel 411)



California Family Travel Tips and Recommendations


California road trips - The 5 Best Places to See California's Giant Redwoods and Giant Sequoias with kids


Northern California (see also San Francisco)


Northern California - Best winter weekend getaway with baby in Northern California?


Anderson - Anderson River Park: Great pit stop for family road trips on I-5


Angel's Camp / Big Trees Calaveras State Park - Tips for camping at Big Trees


Berkeley - Momcation in Berkeley: My Review of The Spa Claremont (Family Travel 411)


Bodega Bay / Sonoma Coast - Cheap & free Bodega Bay with kids

Bodega Bay / Sonoma Coast - Review of Bodega Bay Lodge & Spa

Bodega Bay / Sonoma Coast - Sand in my Robeez: 6 tips for a great weekend at the beach from a savvy 12-month-old


Bodie State Historic Park - The road to Bodie


Crescent City - A visit to Ocean World Aquarium at Crescent City, California


Klamath - Gray whale in the river! (a Photo Fave)


Leggett - The Drive-Thru "Chandelier Tree"



Long Beach with Kids


Long Beach - Budget travel/Live large in Long Beach (Aquarium of the Pacific & more)



Los Angeles with Kids


Los Angeles - Cheap and Free L.A.: A Stroll through the canals of Venice (with video)

Los Angeles - Review of the Inn and Venice Beach

Los Angeles - A visit to the Arlington West Memorial at the Santa Monica Pier (photo fave) 



Monterey with Kids


Monterey - Dennis the Menace Park (the OTHER great place you've got to see in Monterey)



San Diego with Kids


San Diego - Balboa Park with kids

San Diego - Stretch your vacation dollars

San Diego -  Old Town San Diego

San Diego - Review of Homewood Suites Liberty Station

See Shelly's San Diego with Little Kids board on Pinterest!



San Francisco with Kids


San Francisco - Updated! Visiting the San Francisco Exploratorium (at Family Travel 411)

San Francisco - Driving loop for north central SF - Golden Gate Bridge, Park, Beaches & More

San Francisco - Picnic at the Palace of Fine Arts

San Francisco - Ride the Duck(s) around San Francisco tour

San Francisco - Most beautiful beach to visit - Crissy Field beach and picnic area

San Francisco - Go Dutch in Golden Gate Park (at the Wilhelmina Windmill)

San Francisco - To the Lighthouse: Point Bonita (north end of Golden Gate Bridge)

San Francisco - Fun at Fort Funston - Dog and hang glider paradise

San Francisco - Tips for visiting the San Francisco Zoo with little kids

San Francisco - Caffe Trieste in North Beach (Photo Fave)

San Francisco - Bay Area on the Cheap for budget travel to SF

San Francisco - A sneaky San Francisco Airport parking tip

See Shelly's San Francisco Favorites board on Pinterest!



Santa Rosa / Sonoma County with Kids


Santa Rosa - Review of Safari West African Tent Camp tent camp (at Family Travel 411)

Santa Rosa - Jeep safari tour of Safari West Wildlife Preserve (at Family Travel 411)



Sequoia National Park with Kids


Sequoia National Park - Review of Wuksachi Lodge inside Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park - Hiking Moro Rock with little kids in Sequoia

Sequoia National Park - Crystal Cave - Important tips for your visit

Sequoia National Park - The 411 on Sequoia National Park with kids (Family Travel 411)



Yosemite National Park with Kids


Oakdale (en route to Yosemite) - Road Stop: Oakdale Cheese & Specialties


Yosemite National Park: Tips for biking Yosemite with baby, toddler, little kid

Yosemite National Park: The celebrated jumping frogs of Birch Lake

Yosemite National Park: A ride on Yosemite Mountain Sugarpine Railroad and learning to pan for gold

Yosemite National Park: Horseback riding with my daughters and Yosemite Trails

Yosemite National Park: Date Night at Tenaya Lodge (with kids camp!)

Yosemite National Park: Review of Evergreen Lodge

Yosemite National Park: Review of Curry Village Tent Cabins

Yosemite National Park: Review of the Wawona Hotel

Yosemite National Park: Ask Shelly: What to do with car seats at Yosemite?

See Shelly's Yosemite board on Pinterest!



Weed - One good reason to stop at Weed, California (road trip tips)



Florida Family Travel


Everglades/Big Cypress/Florida Keys - Why South Florida Should Absolutely Be On Your Family's Travel Bucket List (The Adventure Collection)

Key West - History on the Rocks: The Key West Shipwreck Museum (Family Travel 411)

Key West - If Cats Could Type in Key West: A visit to the Hemingway Home Museum (Family Travel 411)

Orlando - Five expert tips for planning your visit to Walt Disney World with a baby, toddler or preschooler

Orlando - Orlando's best hotels for families 2013

Florida statewide - Florida and Georgia baby gear rental agencies

Florida statewide - Florida hotel babysitter and vacation nanny agencies



Hawaii Family Travel Tips and Recommendations


General Hawaii -

Best baby carrier for Hawaii vacation with 14-month-old?

Hawaii baby gear rental agencies  

Hawaii hotel babysitter and vacation nanny agencies


Big Island Family Travel


Big Island - Hiking Kiluaea Iki Crater, Volcanoes National Park - pregnant


Kauai Family Travel


Kauai - Review of Castle Kaha Lani condos

Kauai - Review of (Aqua) Kauai Beach Resort

Kauai - Kauai's best beach for babies and toddlers

Kauai - Kauai's best north shore beaches for kids

Kauai - Kauai's best playground (and off-airport waiting area) for families

Kauai - Visiting the National Tropical Botanical Garden, Poipu

Kauai - Kauai fun with little kids? Leave it to the Looky Board.

Kauai - Juice truck at Hanalei

Kauai - Dressed cute for a cause in Kauai

Kauai - Salt Pond Park - beach haven for little kids and little critters

Kauai - Finding a vacation babysitter or nanny in Kauai

Kauai - The upside of jetlagMaui shark tunnel

Kauai - The 411 on Kauai with Kids (at Family Travel 411)


See Shelly's Kauai with Little Kids board on Pinterest!


Maui Family Travel


Maui - Review of Wailea Beach Villas Penthouse

Maui - Review of Napili Kai Beach Resort

Maui - Review of Travaasa Hana for Families (Family Travel 411)

Maui - Boogie boarding at Ulua Beach - "Today I am a Mom"

Maui - Finding Maui's north shore baby beach (minutes from the airport!)

Maui - Our visit to the Maui Ocean Center: The Hawaiian Aquarium

Maui - Iao Valley banyan tree

Maui - East Maui Escape: My Review of Travaasa Hana for Families (Family Travel 411)


See Shelly's Maui with Kids board on Pinterest!


Oahu Family Travel


Oahu - Oahu's 5 Best Beaches for Kids Under 5 (baby- and toddler-friendly beaches)



Louisiana Family Travel Tips and Ideas


Shreveport - The 411 on Shreveport with Kids (Family Travel 411)

Shreveport - Ziplining Louisiana Style with Gators & Friends (Family Trave 411)


New York Family Travel Tips and Ideas


NYC - Tips for taking the New York City subway with a stroller

NYC - New York City taxi services with car seats and boosters

NYC - Hire private car service

NYC - How to get around NYC with a baby

NYC - Car seats laws and taxis in New York and beyond

NYC - Tips for visiting Bronx Zoo with babies and small children

New York statewide - New York baby gear rental agencies

New York statewide - New York hotel babysitter and vacation nanny services



Oregon Family Travel


Ashland - A most unlikely duet: Pit stopping at Lithia Park, Ashland


Bend / Central Oregon - Newberry National Monument / Lava Lands


Detroit / Cascade Mountains - Review of Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat


Gleneden Beach - Review of  Salishan Golf Resort & Spa


Newport - Coast through the Oregon Aquarium - with tips for your family's visit

Newport - An Ode to the Nye Beach Chowder Bowl


Portland - Polar bear plunge at Oregon Zoo (Portland Zoo)

Portland - Baby gear rental agencies

Portland - Oregon hotel babysitter and vacation nanny services


Salem - Enchanted Forest children's story land and amusement park


Silverton - Fall in love with Silver Falls State Park

Silverton - Seven reasons to visit Silverton, Oregon


Winston - Tips for visiting Wildlife Safari in southern Oregon



Pennsylvania Family Travel


Lancaster - Traveling unplugged: My ah-ha moment in Amish Country


Philadelphia / Poconos Resorts - Pennsylvania baby gear rentals



Utah Family Travel


Vernal / Jensen - Visiting Dinosaur National Monument with Kids (at Family Travel 411)


Bryce Canyon National Park - Into the Canyon: Hiking Bryce Canyon National Park with Kids (FamilyTravel411)



Washington Family Travel


Centralia / Grand Mound - Review of Great Wolf Lodge


San Juan Islands - The ferry from San Juan Island (photo fave)

San Juan Island - Review of Best Western Inn & Suites Friday Harbor


Seattle - Seattle's 5 Best with Kids Under 5


Seattle / statewide - Seattle baby gear rental agencies


Seattle / statewide - Seattle hotel babysitter and vacation nanny services





Washington, D.C. Family Travel


Metro D.C. - Tips for planning a trip to D.C. with a baby

Metro D.C. / airports - Washington D.C. baby gear rental agencies

Metro D.C. - Hotel babysitter and vacation nanny services



Wyoming Family Travel


Cody - Insider Tips for Travelers with Kids - Moms Around the World: Cody, Wyoming



Canada Family Travel


Vancouver, British Columbia -

Review of The Modage, vacation rental townhouse in Kitsilano, Vancouver

Tips for visiting Vancouver Aquarium

Eat in the easy (and gourmet) way on your family's Vancouver Vacation

Visiting Granville Island with little kids

Hooray, hooray for Sophie's Cosmic Cafe

Moms Around the World: Vancouver

See Shelly's Vancouver with Little Kids board on Pinterest!


Montreal, Quebec -

Insider Tips for Travelers with Kids - Moms Around the World: Montreal


Toronto, Ontario -

Insider Tips for Travelers with Kids - Toronto: Moms Around the World



Bahamas / Caribbean / Mexico / Central America  



Bahamas - Cruise to Bahamas without passport for a baby or toddler?



Jamaica - Review of Franklyn D. Resort (FDR)

Jamaica - Vacation Nanny 411 (FDR Resorts)

Jamaica - Tips for Visiting Dunn's River Falls with Young Children

Jamaica - Photo Fave: My little snake charmer at Dolphin Cove, Ocho Rios



Mexico - Flying to Mexico with a baby in his own seat - without a car seat

Mexico - Review of Dreams Resort Riviera Maya



Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico with Kids: San Juan's 5 best activities with kids under 5


General Central America travel tips - Adventure travel tips from Author Pamela Voelkel (with Q&A)



Costa Rica - Alajuela (San Jose), Review of Buena Vista Hotel

Costa Rica - Alajuela (San Jose), Review of Hotel Villa Dolce

Costa Rica - Alajuela, Tips for Visiting Zoo Ave with kids

Costa Rica - 5 ways to ease your arrival in Costa Rica with kids

Costa Rica - Traveler beware: Car seat laws in Costa Rica are stricter than in the U.S.

Costa Rica - Visiting Arenal Hanging Bridges with a Baby, Toddler or Little Kid

Costa Rica - A visit to La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park and Wildlife Refuge

Costa Rica - A visit to Doka Coffee Estate, Alajuela

Costa Rica - Photo Fave: Travels with Grandma - Reaching new heights in Costa Rica

Costa Rica - Photo Fave: Arenal Hanging Bridges with Toddler

Costa Rica - Tips for traveling by ferry from Puntarenas to Nicoya Peninsula

Costa Rica - Nicoya Peninsula: 5 Best with Children Under 5

Costa Rica - Review of Blue Batik villa, Playa Hermosa (Santa Teresa), Costa Rica

Costa Rica - Review of Casa Vista family vacation rental on the Nicoya Peninsula

Costa Rica - Dinner with our Private Chef in Costa Rica

Costa Rica - 5 things I wish I'd known before moving my kids to Costa Rica

Costa Rica - Photo Fave: View from (the toilet at) Casa Vista

Costa Rica - Photo Fave: Sunset at Playa Hermosa

Costa Rica - Photo Fave: DIY beach hut, Playa Hermosa

Costa Rica - Three Reasons You Should Take Your Kids to Costa Rica Before They Grow Up (The Adventure Collection)

See Shelly's Costa Rica with Little Kids board on Pinterest!


Guatemala - Let's go fly a kite: Guatemala's families celebrate the Day of the Dead in high style




South  America 



Argentina: Buenos Aires: Moms Around the World insider tips for your family's visit to Buenos Aires with kids

Argentina: Argentina's tradition of the The Three Kings... and their thirsty camels



Brazil: Rio de Janeiro: Moms Around the World - insider tips for your family's visit to Rio with kids


See also: Baby gear rental agencies in South America




Tips for visiting the Alhambra and Nasrid Palaces at Granada, Spain.General - One very good reason to fly British Airways with your baby or lap-held toddler

General - Best stroller for travel to Europe with a toddler

General - Which twin stroller is best for travel to Europe?

General - Follow-up to "Which twin stroller best for travel to Europe?"

General - Three Castles Fit for Kid - family-friendly villas in France, Spain, and Italy



Brussels - The 411 on Brussels with Kids (Family Travel 411)



Denmark - Christmas in Copenhagen - tots flock to Tivoli



England - How to take a London taxi cab with your stroller (and your child still in it)

England - Tips for visiting London's Natural History Museum with young children

England - Cat mummies at the British Museum

England - Clock Room at the British Museum

Ireland - The 411 on Dublin with Kids (Family Travel 411)




France - Paris with Kids: Why and how to get the Paris Museum Pass

France - Seven reasons you'll be glad to have a stroller in Paris

France - Paris with Kids: Make a Post-Louvre pitstop at this playground in the Tuileries

France - Paris with Kids: Say bonjour to the Parc de Jeux at Jardin du Luxembourg

France - My recommended Paris Airport Shuttle providing car seats and boosters

France - Best use of airline miles to get from San Francisco to Paris with baby?

France - Montmartre Carousel, Paris

France - Car seat advice for Paris airport shuttle with baby

France - Paris: 5 Best with Children Under 5

France - Best baby-friendly cafe in Paris

France - Finding diapers in France

France - Tips for juggling toddler naps while visiting Paris

France - Tips for using the Paris Metro with a stroller... if you must

France - Tips for riding Paris buses with a stroller

France - The captivating carousels of Paris (with some free in December)

France - Five favorite books for a Paris family vacation (Family Travel 411)




Germany - Moms Around the World: Weinstadt, Southern Germany



Italy - Tips for travel with toddler in Italy, plus a senior and car seat

Italy - When in Rome in October, take the family on "Gite fuori porta"

Italy - Rome's tradition of the Befana... and her trouble-shooting small broom



Netherlands - Amsterdam's 5 Best with Kids Under 5

Netherlands - Double stroller for trip to Netherlands in November?



Spain - Review of vacation rental apartment Carabeo 2000, Nerja, Costa del Sol

Spain - Exploring the Nerja Caves with kids, Costa del Sol

Spain - A visit to the Nerja Donkey Sanctuary, Costa del Sol

Spain - Nightfall at Nerja

Spain - Granada: Tips for visiting the Alhambra and Nasrid Palaces (shown above)

Spain - Thanksgiving in Andalucia (Costa del Sol)



Sweden - The 411 on Stockholm with Kids (Family Travel 411)





When Are Kids Old Enough For An African Safari? (The Adventure Collection)



Kenya - Moms Around the World: Nairobi



South Africa - Moms Around the World: Johannesburg



Asia / Southeast Asia / India


General - Advice for travel to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand with two babies?



India - Advice for flying to India with a 2-year-old

India - Advice for flying to India with twins and handicapped mother?

India - Bangalore family travel tips - Moms Around the World: Bangalore, India



Indonesia - Moms Around the World: Jakarta, Indonesia



Nepal - Travel to Nepal with a 4-month-old baby?



Taiwan - Celebrating Chinese New Year in Taipei, Taiwan



Thailand - The 411 on Chiang Mai with Kids (Family Travel 411)

Thailand - How to ride an elephant with a baby

Thailand - Breastfeeding in Bangkok

Thailand - The ferry to Koh Phi Phi




Australia & New Zealand Zealand 


The 5 best places to visit in Sydney, Australia with young childrenAUSTRALIA FAMILY TRAVEL

General - Important tips for using child safety seats during travel in Australia

General - Would you take the Sit N Stroll on my Air New Zealand flight?

Cairns - How to see the Great Barrier Reef with a baby or young child

Cairns - Moms Around the World, Cairns, Australia

Sydney - 5 Best with Kids Under 5: Sydney (activities, restaurant, beach & more)



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